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Wilde Soul

Posted Monday October 09, 2017 by Sandy Compton

by Hanna Paloma Hernandez The story of place, the relationship a person cultivates with a particular area over an extended period of time is alchemical; both place and soul are...

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Slugging It Out With the Wind

Posted Thursday August 10, 2017 by Sandy Compton

By Braydan Thom, Libby High School, Class of 2017 This is the tale of my best friend and my adventure in the wilderness, fighting against the elements and coming up...

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Molly Walters’ essay was the best for Troy High School in 2017

Posted Wednesday July 05, 2017 by Sandy Compton

Molly received $300 for her essay on “A Most Memorable Wilderness Experience.” “Falling for Falls Creek” By Molly Walters, Troy High School Class of 2017 Friends are a wonderful thing....

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Shey Hannum went hunting and got more than she expected!

Posted Wednesday August 24, 2016 by Sandy Compton

Calling the big one in. By Shey Hannum I bet you’ve never heard a hunting story like the one I’m about to tell you; especially from a girl. This...

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Trinity Wallace of Libby tied for best essay overall in the 2016 FSPW Scholarship Contest

Posted Monday August 15, 2016 by Sandy Compton

Finding the bigger picture By Trinity Wallace I have always been captivated by nature; nature has a way of making my first-world problems seem little compared to the vast majority...

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Makayla Cichosz-King takes us on a wild ride from long ago.

Posted Thursday April 14, 2016 by admin

A ride on the wild side, by Makayla Cichosz-King I was very small when my grandparents took me to a horse ranch in the middle of nowhere. I had always...

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Easy isn’t a way to a mountain lake

Posted Friday February 26, 2016 by Sandy Compton

By Carla Parks. Dan and I moved to this paradise in the winter of 1976. I grew up on the Clearwater River in Idaho. My Dad was a packer and...

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Voices in the Wilderness: Moose are the drama queens of the wild.

Posted Monday February 08, 2016 by Sandy Compton

Close Encounters…. of the Moose Kind By Brian Sherry About 25 years ago, I took a couple weeks off work and went to Teton National Park, which I had briefly...

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